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Lesson 1 A private conversation 私人談話 Lesson 2 Breakfast or lunch? 早餐還是午餐?
Lesson 3 Please send me a card 請給我寄張明信片 Lesson 4 An exciting trip 激動人心的旅行
Lesson 5 No wrong numbers 無錯號之虞 Lesson 6 Percy Buttons 珀西.巴頓斯
Lesson 7 Too late 為時太晚 Lesson 8 The best and the worst 最好的和最差的
Lesson 9 A cold welcome 冷遇 Lesson 10 Not for jazz 不適于演奏爵士樂
Lesson 11 One good turn deserves another 禮尚往來 Lesson 12 Goodbye and good luck 再見, 一路順風
Lesson 13 The Greenwood Boys 綠林少年 Lesson 14 Do you speak English?你會講英語嗎?
Lesson 15 Good news 佳音 Lesson 16 A polite request 彬彬有禮的要求
Lesson 17 Always young 青春常駐 Lesson 18 He often does this! 他經常干這種事!
Lesson 19 Sold out 票已售完 Lesson 20 One man in a boat 獨坐孤舟
Lesson 21 Mad or not?是不是瘋了 Lesson 22 A glass envelope 玻璃信封
Lesson 23 A new house 新居 Lesson 24 If could be worse 不幸中之萬幸
Lesson 25 Do the English speak English? Lesson 26 The best art critics最佳藝術評論家
Lesson 27 A wet night 雨夜 Lesson 28 No parking 禁止停車
Lesson 29 Taxi! 出租汽車 Lesson 30 Football or polo? 足球還是水球?
Lesson 31 Success story 成功者的故事 Lesson 32 Shopping made easy 購物變得很方便
Lesson 33 Out of the darkness 沖出黑暗 Lesson 34 Quick work 破案 “神速”
Lesson 35 Stop thief!捉賊! Lesson 36 Across the Channel 橫渡海峽
Lesson 37 The Olympic Games 奧林匹克運動會 Lesson 38 Everything except the weather 沒有考慮到天氣
Lesson 39 Am I all right? 我是否痊愈? Lesson 40 Food and talk 進餐與交談
Lesson 41 Do you call that a hat? 你把那個叫帽子嗎? Lesson 42 Breakfast or lunch? Not very musical
Lesson 43 Over the South Pole 飛越南極 Lesson 44 Through the forest 穿過森林
Lesson 45 A clear conscience 問心無愧 Lesson 46 Expensive and uncomfortable 既昂貴又受罪
Lesson 47 A thirsty ghost 嗜酒的鬼魂 Lesson 48 Did you want to tell me something?
Lesson 49 The end of a dream 美夢告終 Lesson 50 Taken for a ride 乘車兜風
Lesson 51 Reward for virtue 對美德的獎賞 Lesson 52 A pretty carpet 漂亮的地毯
Lesson 53 Hot snake 觸電的蛇 Lesson 54 Sticky fingers 粘糊的手指
Lesson 55 Not a gold mine 并非金礦 Lesson 56 Faster than sound! 比聲音還快!
Lesson 57 Can I help you, madam? 您要買什么,夫人? Lesson 58 A blessing in disguise? 是因禍得福嗎?
Lesson 59 In or out? 進來還是出去? Lesson 60 The future 卜算未來
Lesson 61 Trouble with the Hubble 哈勃望遠鏡的困境 Lesson 62 After the fire 大火之后
Lesson 63 She was not amused 她并不覺得好笑 Lesson 64 The Channel Tunnel 海峽隧道
Lesson 65 Jumbo versus the police 小象對警察 Lesson 66 Sweet as honey! 像蜜一樣甜!
Lesson 67 Volcanoes 火山 Lesson 68 Persistent 糾纏不休
Lesson 69 But not murder!并非謀殺! Lesson 70 Red for danger 危險的紅色
Lesson 71 A famous clock Lesson 72 A car called bluebird
Lesson 73 The record-holder Lesson 74 Out of the limelight
Lesson 75 SOS Lesson 76 April Fools Day
Lesson 77 A successful operation Lesson 78 The last one?
Lesson 79 By air Lesson 80 The Crystal Palace
Lesson 81 Escape Lesson 82 Monster or fish?
Lesson 83 After the elections Lesson 84 On strike
Lesson 85 Never too old to learn Lesson 86 Out of control
Lesson 87 A perfect alibi Lesson 88 Trapped in a mine
Lesson 89 A slip of the tongue Lesson 90 What's for supper?
Lesson 91 Three men in a basket Lesson 92 Asking for trouble
Lesson 93 A noble gift Lesson 94 Future champions
Lesson 95 A fantasy Lesson 96 The dead return